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Saturday, September 4, 2010

doxiphernalia: nice cans ya got there....

Our trips to TJ Maxx are always most productive, and the clearance aisle is always abundant with some type of dog-themed item.  We spotted these last year and couldn’t resist!  The doxie looked too cute to pass up.  Plus, Pembroke Welsh Corgis hold a spot on my list of all-time favorite dog breeds - doxies topping the list of course!

In Ramsay news, no new pictures up at LeCaring’s, but we’re sure they’re busy staying caught-up with all the puppies that have been born in the past month!  We’re glad to see that our breeder is getting back into the swing of things after her recent crisis, and wish her well as she resumes ‘business as usual’.

Shout-out to Joey from “The Long and Short of it All” as well, for making it back home.    We wish him a speedy convalescence!

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