The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

with eyes wide open

At two weeks of age, Ramsay weighs in at 1lb, 2.5oz!!  His eyes are now open, though he still seems to have that newborn glaze that makes them look blue. His nose and claws have now darkened.  The spots on his back are fairly prominent, but we suspect they’ll blend more as he gets older.  We’ve heard that his coat will be more akin to his mother Ruby’s, as she is also a dapple.


kalyxcorn said...

hi- so glad to have found your blog! so u gots PUPPIES??? so sweet. post pictures every day of these little ones, cuz you'll realize soon enough that u didn't take enough! :)

docsdox said...

OMG! we just saw your comment! we didn't think ANYONE read our blog at all. so nice to know SOMEONE's out there - especially you and Baxter. we're huge fans! we love reading about Baxter's adventures. it's a daily ritual to read your posts! =)

well, we have ONE of 13 that were born to our breeder in August. our little Ramsay just had his final vet check this week and will be ready for pickup from the breeder at 8wks old on the 30th!

we'll definitely post pix...and i'm a picture-maniac, so you can bet there'll be plenty to post once the little brat[wurst] gets home!

when he gets big enough, we'd love to order some form of doxie dud from you! =)