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Sunday, October 31, 2010

welcome home weekend!

First weekend home with dogbert and NewMama and I are exhausted!  Pickup day came a little early, and we got him on Friday night instead of the intended Saturday morning.  Of course the first two nights were nerve-wracking, as Ramsay cried and whined, but he's getting better. 

As expected, potty training is a daily battle, but he's beginning to pay more attention to the wee-wee pads.  He's also taken quite well to crate training, and managed to sleep and hold his pee for an entire 40-minute drive!  I have high hopes for the little brat[wurst] when we start training him to do tricks. 

That blue eye is quite the conversation piece - many a trick-or-treater came to pet him, and NewMama's almost four-year-old cousin couldn't get enough of him. 

i have you under my spell.  you are getting sleepy...sleeeepy...
are you asleep yet?  -R
Tomorrow will be our biggest challenge yet, as NewMama and I both go back to work.  We'll see if we can get by without the little one melting down.  Fingers crossed!



Anne Marie said...

Awww - he is so cute!!! Congratulations!!! Good luck on his solo day tomorrow!

Ruby and Penny said...

Congratulations. Ramsay is adorable.
Ruby & Penny

cheyne923 said...

Congrats on your wonderful Ramsay! I got Jeeves at 11 months and often wonder what he looked like as a babe. Melinda

docsdox said...

thanks everyone!

it's good to be home! i'm adjusting pretty well to my new digs, but dad says today's a big test b/c it's the first day i'll be by myself to guard the house while he and mom are at work. i'm excited b/c dad left me a cool nylabone to keep me busy in the meantime.

i'll do my best to make 'em proud!


cheyne923 said...

Oh, Ramsay what a lucky pup! Jeeves has three strategically placed nylabones for those moments when it is best he be occupied on his own!
Keep us posted!
BTW, LOVE the new photo in your title page!

docsdox said...

Melinda - thanks for the kudos on the pic and the idea about strategically-placing the nylabones. i'll have to do that with some of the little one's toys as well. he did great yesterday!

love your profile pic of Jeeves! he's so red!