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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

vet check

Ramsay at his third vet check a couple weeks ago, cheesin' for the camera.  He was a good boy - showed off his tricks to the doctor and staff, and gave everyone puppy kisses.  Weight:  4lbs - what a little bruiser!  He did well with his vaccination, but did forcibly exhale the intranasal "kennel cough" vaccine at the poor vet assistant!  She forgave him though. The vet gave us a good report!  
CALL THE POLICE!  chicken and i have been abducted 
and taken to this gulag against our will!  they do strange tests on us, then try to lull us into a false sense of security with ucky-tasting biscuits.  i spit mine out in protest!  i was a good friend and went first to protect chicken! i bet the french bulldog two houses up is behind all this.  i should have known better after that leaf thing - GAG-SELF!  i'll have to investigate once Mom and Dad rescue us. 

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