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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"squeak i tell you!"

Few things give dogbert the kind of unbridled joy that a new squeaker toy does.  Once in his possession, Ramsay is on a mission to:  a) locate the squeaker within the toy and b) gnaw on it until it is dysfunctional or c) maul the poor toy until the squeaker has been liberated from it!  In this particular toy the squeaker squeaked at even the slightest pressure, which of course egged-on Ramsay to double his efforts at squeaker extraction/annihilation.  After about 20 minutes I took the toy away in order to give my ears and sanity a break!  Here's our little badger dog, pursuing his prey.

UPDATE:  A mere 24hrs after its introduction, the squeaker was ushered into the afterlife by Ramsay.  Alas, poor squeaker!  We hardly knew ye!  

[moment of silence]

Thankfully, the rubber of the toy itself is holding up very well against dogbert's relentless assault.  Our mute toy may yet survive the week!


cheyne923 said...

I love it when Ramsay's eye suddenly looks at you like, "whatta you lookin' at, can't ya see I'm busy here?"
Melinda and Jeeves

Anne Marie said...!
Danny thought it was cute & he giggled the whole while watching it! :)

docsdox said...

Melinda/Jeeves: LOL! yes! we get 'the stink eye' pretty often when Ramsay's busy. =) Other times we'll get it when he wants to say 'Really? Are you really asking me to ______?" =)

Anne: yeah, 15min was all i could stand before i had to take it away and give both of us a break - cute though it was! it's almost a relief that Ramsay put the squeaker out of its misery. he still loves the toy even though it's more 'wheezy' than squeaky now. glad Danny got a kick out of it!

kalyxcorn said...

oh yes, Ramsay is all doxie! :)

docsdox said...

LOL! indeed he IS!!!