The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


With one blue eye, Ramsay is often mistaken for a mutt.  "Oh, is he part Siberian Husky?" is the inevitable question that NewMama and I prepare for when dogbert makes a new human acquaintance.  "No, when the dapple phenomenon occurs in an eye, that eye turns blue" is our reply, with a mental exasperated sigh / roll of the eyes / shake of the head.  Though we are quite sure Ramsay is pure doxie, his behavior sometimes makes us wonder about the Husky connection.

Maybe it's just his inner hound, but once little chef's nose is set on something, he pulls like an Iditarod sled dog!  It happens at some point during EVERY walk - for me, toward the home stretch of the walk.  For others, it's the ENITRE walk!  

At the recommendation of a friend, we invested in a "Gentle Leader" head collar, which claims to deter pulling in dogs.  Ramsay initially hated the feel of the new collar, swiping at his nose with his front paws and scraping his face on the ground as if we had sprayed hydrochloric acid on him.  We had to chuckle when we read the directions - "usually the dogs who initially protest the most with this collar are the ones who need it the most".
hello? do i look like a horse to you?
i am SO gonna poop in your shoes...
The verdict?  SUCCESS!  The slightest tension on the leash causes Ramsay to turn his head to the side and slow his pace.  Walks have never been this good!  He occasionally (unsuccessfully) scrapes his face on the grass, hoping it will free him of the collar.  But for the most part, he's adjusted well to it.  

So it seems Ramsay's inner hound (or Husky?) is at bay...for now.


Elizabeth said...

I love gentle leaders, they are great.

kalyxcorn said...

aw, i love your pic and caption!

docsdox said...

THANKS! so far, so good with the gentle leader....and no poop in our shoes yet! =)