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Monday, March 28, 2011

mother nature's deception

this is nice dad, but i haven't forgotten about the
gentle leader thing!
 This past week must have been very confusing for Ramsay because he experienced at least three seasons over three to four days' time!  One day it was sunny and warm, the next - rainy torrential downpour, then snow overnight, then sunny and cold.  

move along Gus!  even i'm not allowed
to poop there!
By far, the most enjoyable days were the sunny ones - cold or not, dogbert could always recharge while basking in the sunlight at our front window.  The sunny days also provided him the opportunity to fulfill his household duty of "guard dox".  Dashing to the window at the slightest sound, Ramsay was able to tell us (with a combination of growls and barks) when the garbage man came by, when the mailman drove by, when his arch-nemesis Gus the English Bulldog walked by (threatening to potty on our front doorstep), and when the cows in the pasture across the street decided to run home.  Who would have thought such big-dog noises could come from our little 29week / 10lb snausage!

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kalyxcorn said...

ha - same crazy here! except, without the cows! :)