The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ramsay LOVES his treats - be they the Eukanuba biscuits that we first started him on, the Milk Bones we recently introduced him to, the locally-made biscuits we find at farmers' markets and pet expos, or the goodies from the snack bar at PetCo which look just a little too much like human cookies.

While at Grammy and Pappy's house this past weekend, Ramsay thought he would sneakily investigate the similarity a little more closely...
hello!  what have we here? a WHOLE PLATE just for
little ole' me?
NewMama and Grammy caught him just in time!
whaddaya mean i can't have one grammy?
aren't these carob and molasses treats?
Sorry, little one!  These are for humans!!

Status update:  at 30wks/6days, our little piglet weighs in at about 10.5lbs!!


kalyxcorn said...

oh i do not blame u ramsay - those cookies look GOoD! :) b

cheyne923 said...

I do believe your nose is grooooowing Mr. Ramsay! Just in time for the hunt...
BTW, my friend with the leaping dachshund lost another loaf of bread from the countertop. We can't quite figure out how he does it. Oy!
Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

baxter: they DOOOO look good, and they smelled YUMMY too! i could have inhaled one real quick if mom and grammy didn't catch me.

M&J: WOW! another loaf?! there has to be some system of levels that the little snausage employs to get up there. i think it's time for a surveillance cam. HEY BAXTER - maybe they need you and dukduk to do some spying with your cam! ;)

YES, i believe my nose IS getting longer...all the better to sniff out hidden cookies with!