The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

the incredible disappearing doxie

"Where is he?  Do you have him?"  A common phrase often exchanged between NewMama and myself when we're all upstairs and Ramsay has slipped out of sight.  Dogbert is usually underfoot, so when he disappears we get a little suspicious - we've been conditioned by his early puppyhood, when invisible doxie usually meant that we would find a warm, dark spot somewhere on our carpet.  Luckily, potty training (and human training) has gone well and we are able to avoid such mishaps by making regular trips outside or to the potty patch in the basement.  He still has (rare) accidents, but these happen when:  a) he's extremely tired and just doesn't think about it - just lets it go wherever he is, and b) we've lost track of time and waited too long to bring him out or downstairs.

Thankfully, lately we haven't had to worry too much when Ramsay goes into stealth mode because there is one place we're guaranteed to find him:
SSSSHHHH!!!!  that dog psychology show is on!!
The living room sofa, where Ramsay easily blends into the color of the cushions.  When he isn't being a buddinsky in either NewMama's or my business, he may be found here - curled up next to the remote as if snoozing while waiting for his favorite tv show!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, everyone!!!!!


cheyne923 said...

My place is so small that Jeeves' whereabouts are pretty obvious most of the time. BTW, I love the new banner photo! Hot fun in the summertime...

docsdox said...

good thing Jeeves is pretty easy to locate! Ramsay is usually underfoot, so there's usually no question as to where he is. but on those few occasions when he isn't underfoot, the sofa is a safe bet.

thanks for the compliment on the blog header photo! some of the other photos from that day will appear in posts in the near future!