The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

rams-etta stone

dear diary,

eureka!  the dog language tapes that i've been playing while mom and dad are asleep have finally paid off.  imagine my surprise when dad told me the latest neighborhood dog gossip and i actually understood what he was saying!  granted, he did speak with an accent but STILL - dad learned really quickly!!  it won't be long before i have him trained to fetch me the paper!


One night while watching TV, some type of hound barked in a movie that NewMama was watching, and it caught dogbert's attention.  So i did my best to imitate the barks for Ramsay.  Judging from his reaction, I appear to have said something very profound!


cheyne923 said...

This is a great video! You can see Ramsay has quite a personality (and he's adorable)
Jeeves reacts to barking sounds as if a dog is in the speakers. He has been sick the past week, rather scary when pups can't tell you exactly what is wrong. Allergy meds, an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. You know your dog is sick when he doesn't even want to take a walk!

Anne Marie said...

Very cute!! A Genius!!!

Hate to tell you this, but the only reaction you got to your barks in this house was Eddie in the other room going "what is that noise??" He is not fluent in bark as of yet...working on it still. LoL

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, very cute! :) b

docsdox said...

THANKS! glad you guys enjoyed the vid.

MELINDA: LOL! if there's one thing our little guy has, it's personality! sorry to hear that Jeeves is sick! feel better! Ramsay has had little bouts of sneezy-coughing fits here and there, but nothing consistent. we wonder if he may be allergic to something. overall he's ok though, so we don't worry.

ANNE: eddie will understand after a while. i watched hours of cesar millan to understand, and even then i still bark with an accent. =) good thing dogbert gets me!

BAX: thanks! by the looks of your post, it seems you guys got rained out too! congrats on the new floor by the way!