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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doxie Day in Morgantown!

Last weekend, our neighbor Robin organized the "4th Annual Morgantown Doxie Day" at a local dog park!  Robin told us that in the past, there have been as many as 40 doxies in attendance.  This year looked pretty close to that - especially in this particular dog park, where the "small dog section" is somewhat long and narrow.  How conveniently doxie-proportioned!  It seemed just about every permutation of the Dachshund standard was represented - the only notable exception being the absence of wirehairs!  We know that there is at least one pair of wires in the area, as we bump into them on the rail trail now and then.  Maybe we missed them earlier in the meet.
Ramsay was a good canine citizen that day, and played very well with his fellow snausages.  There was only one time when we felt he got too excited - he ended up barking at a chocolate-dapple long hair - presumably because he wanted to play fetch more than the other dog did.  Eventually the other dog left and order was restored.  
The best part was that Ramsay got to play for an extended period with his best snausage-buds:  Ace and Julius (Robin's boys).  We often see them during walks around the block, but it's only for a short time, as it's early in the morning right before we all go to work.  A romp at Stanley's Spot was just what the boys needed to really connect!
We cant wait until next year!  Hopefully we'll be able to attend more of these meetups before it gets too cold!

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