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Thursday, October 20, 2011


To the causal observer, the picture below shows nothing more than a spoiled doxie eating a delicious treat - bought at a small pet store in Ocean City, MD during his parents' most recent vacation.  What is NOT readily visible is the fact that this troubled little pup is suffering from a tragic condition - "PBS".
PBS: "Possessive Biscuit Syndrome", whose hallmark symptom is a need to "possess" a biscuit that is so powerful that it induces impulsive behavior.  Beware, the images below are graphic, and may not be suitable for our younger audience!  
uuuh, ng-ello?  ng-an a dog get a ng-ittle ng-elp ng-eeere?  i ang stuck.
This case of PBS is particularly severe.  The compulsion to "possess" the treat has encouraged the subject to grab it without ANY consideration of the consequences of his actions.   A corner of the biscuit has entered the nasal cavity and become firmly embedded. Our victim is torn between the irresistible urge to eat the biscuit and the fear of letting it go - lest he lose his treasured treat!  His jaw muscles begin to tire, but he determined to NOT let go!
In a stroke of luck, the piece of the biscuit in his mouth begins to disintegrate.  The largest piece of it breaks away and falls to the floor, shattering into several fragments.  With a quick shake, the fragment in his nose is dislodged, and he sets to work on the pieces on the floor.  The dog is lucky - this time!

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Amy said...

Aww, Ramsay, nobody understands us doxies, do they?? It only happens cause we love treaties so much that we have to show our parents how thankful we are.