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Thursday, January 5, 2012

a frosty break...

While the weather outside turns frightful and we hunker down for the first REAL snow of the season, Ramsay takes a break to enjoy a frosty treat that NewMama discovered:  Purina's Frosty Paws!  ...and we thought he enjoyed ice cubes!
Ramsay auditions to be the next "Frosty Paws" spokespup.
'nuff said, dogbert.  'nuff said!


Nola said...

Oh those are yummy!
Dachshund Nola

AMY ANN said...

Yummm! We love Frosty Paws.

Dylan and Dixie

Doxie Rod said...

oh no, first snow already!! i hope you don't have a tough winter ahead. i love ramsey's eyes!! and i love gordon ramsey :)

docsdox said...

NOLA/DYLAN/DIXIE: BOL! isn't it the greatest?

ROD: well, dad says we got an inch or two, but it all melted before i had a chance to play in it! can you believe that?! but i didn't mind, 'cuz i still got to run around in the grass without freezing my paws off! oh, and thanks for the kudos on my eyes. that blue one gets people every time! =) i wish chef gordon made something i could eat!