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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ramsay's oyPad

It was one of those moments when, in just a few gestures, NewMama and I had spoken volumes to each other...
While browsing through the sale/clearance items at our local pet store, we spotted it.  We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and placed the item in the cart.  In that brief moment, NewMama and I had a mental conversation in which we thought, "Hmmm, this looks interesting.  What do you think?  Worth the try.  If he doesn't like it, we'll return it".  
So, without further ado, we debut Ramsay's "oyPad":
oy-vey that's a warm pad!
Yes, the electric heating pad.  Ramsay had been spending so much time roasting on Alex the grate that he was beginning to develop ever-so-subtle "grill marks" on his belly!  We had hoped the pad would provide a nicer (i.e.:  safer) alternative.  Thankfully, dogbert has taken to it quite well!


Lovable Lily said...

Hi Ramsay,
Wow, what a cool gift you got from the pet store. I'm sorry to hear that you have 'grill' marks on your belly from laying on Alex the grate. I hope no one mistakes you for a hot dog. (Tee~Hee~Hee).

That is a great picture of you with your little nose tucked under just hanging out in the warmth of the fuzzies.

Enjoy it my friend!

Lily Belle

Nola said...

Hey Ramsay,
That sure looks comfy! I need the opposite here in FL though, BOL!
Dachshund Nola

docsdox said...

LILY: OMD! the pad is soooo warm! it was nice outside today, but it's still a little chilly at night - THAT's when i love the pad the most!

NOLA: it sure is comfy! especially now that mom and dad put some of my security blankies on there! i'm gonna take advantage of it as long as the weather allows! then again, i like warm things no matter what time of year it is. weird, i know. maybe your mom can find you a 'cooling pad'. =)

Jasper + Amy said...

Oh Ramsay, I know all about the heating pad!! Mom uses it alot at night when we go to bed, and by the morning I always manage to push her off of it & get it all to myself!! Happy heating!!


AMY ANN said...

You look so nice and cozy.

docsdox said...

JASPER+AMY: this pad's all for meeee! but i do like your idea of getting your mom off her pad. i think i'll have to try that with my mom next time we're snoozing on the couch so i can get more of her blankie!

AMY ANN: i didn't move from there the rest of the night! dad had to pick me up to put me in my crate for bedtime! BOL!

Doxie Rod said...

this is adorable!! he looks SO snuggly and warm. what a great purchase!