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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Daycare.  The one factor that has helped our little snausage to become as well-socialized as he is.  Sure he still has one heck of a Napoleon complex,  but we like to think it helps him from becoming some bigger dog's chew-toy or mid-day snack.  Ramsay has honed this characteristic to the extent that his dog-girlfriend at daycare is a sleek, younger, DOBERMAN!  

Despite the benefits of his 'little dog syndrome', NewMama and I can't help but worry that the bigger dogs might (inadvertently) rough dogbert up, and we're constantly worried about his back - especially after reading so many horror stories of doxies succumbing to IVDD.  

So it came as a welcome surprise that our daycare provider (Ms. Riki at Pampered "4" Paws) decided to keep a dog that she had been fostering.  His new name is "Scrappy" (as in Scrappy Doo!).  He's a 4mo-old doxie/min-pin mix whom Ramsay has taken quite well to.  His presence has made daycare even MORE fun for our little guy, and more reassuring to NewMama and me since he's closer to Ramsay's size.  So this week, we're honored to welcome Scrappy to our blog, and give a shout-out to Ms. Riki at Pampered "4" Paws!
tah dah-dah dah tah-daaaaaah...puppy power!

scrappy:  hey rams, you sure this hovercraft will 
take us to the land of eternal kibble?

ramsay: yes. but this one's outta gas. pull my 
dew-claw so i can fill 'er up! 


Lovable Lily said...

Oh Ramsay, your new friend Scrappy sure is a cutie pie! I can tell you're just gonna be the bestest of friends.

Lily Belle

Nola said...

He sure is cute!

Doxie Rod said...

how cute!! isn't it so much easier when you know they can spend the day with a friend? they look adorable together!

docsdox said...

hee-hee! ain't scrappy a little stinker?! if we: 1) were ready for another dog (which we are NOT) and 2) didn't want another doxie for our second dog (IF we were to get one), we would have loved to take scrappy into our little pack. for now, we just love that Riki decided to keep him and that dogbert has a constant, more size-appropriate, companion at daycare. ...although we have to admit that Ramsay's doberman GF does treat him quite well for being at least 5 times his size!