The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

cooling off!

How does dogbert spell relief?  P-O-O-L!  Ramsay's grandparents' pool has provided welcome respite from our recent bouts of sweltering 90-100 degree weather.
wilson?  WILSOOOOON!
...and here's Ramsay Phelps capturing gold in the 100m dog paddle.

mom, did you say treat-um?  i'll be right out!


Lovable Lily said...

Such excellent form you have Ramsay ~ No doubt you'll be slinging a gold medal around your neck shortly!

Lily Belle

Nola said...

Lucky boy! I love your life vest. And it's been 102 here!

AMY ANN said...

Ooooh! We're so jealous. It's been hot here, too. All we have is that dumb ole bath tub. Just not the same.

Sarah Sandberg said...

Ahhh! I want a pool. Lucky little ween! :)

Sarah & le Weens

docsdox said...
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docsdox said...

Thanks everyone! i LOVE my Pap's pool...except when i wear out my foot pads so much from jumping in and out of it!