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Sunday, September 23, 2012


dear diary,

yippee-skippee!  my friend scrappy-doo from daycare got permission from his mom to stay at my house for vacation!  we had SOOOOOO much fun chasing each other around the house and playing "whose toot is it anyway?" (after eating some treat-ums that made us gassy), and sharing (sometimes) my toys!  we got to play "neighborhood watch" (it was SOOOO cool - we got to bark at everyone walking by my house) until mom yelled at us for being bad neighbors, but that didn't stop us for too long 'cuz we just growled at people instead (BOL!).  we got to go for rideys together to daycare and got to share our bowls too - i still think his kibble tastes better, even though it looks exactly like mine, and i'm pretty sure mom and dad gave scraps better water 'cuz his tasted better.  i was sad to see scrappy go home, but it's ok 'cuz we still get to play at daycare.  i can't wait 'til next time he comes over!  


Much thanks to Ms. Riki for letting us take care of Scrappy!  It was a pleasure having him!
- docsdox & NewMama


Lovable Lily said...

What a lucky dog! You had so much fun with Scrappy. That was really nice that he got to stay at your house. I think you're on to something Ramsay with that food and water issue. That's happened to me too around here. Doesn't seem fair.

I bet that Scrappy will be over for at least a play date or two before you know it!

Lily Belle

Doxie Rod said...

how fun! i really like your friends ears! looks like the two of you are best of friends :)