The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


How do we deal with cracked footpads from walking on the cold pavement?  The easy answer would be to put on Ramsay's rocket boots, now that he's already broken them in while getting cheese from the moon.  Unfortunately, he won't wear them unless he's on a similar mission - a simple walk around the block would simply NOT suffice.  

The alternative: NewMama's patented "glop-em-sock-em" treatment:  a little petroleum jelly, gauze, paper tape and padded baby socks!  Looks funny, but works after a couple nights.  Plus, wildly entertaining to see dogbert "high-step" it around the house, hoping the socks will fall off.  Thankfully, he settles down after a while and allows the healing to begin! 
wow, these are strangely comfortable...
can i have a treat-um now?


Lovable Lily said...

Ramsay, just when in the heck are they doing to you over there? Are they serious? Should be call the pawlice for you?

All kidding aside, we hope that you paw-paws are OK and are not causing you too many problems. I had to wear a sock once last year and all I did was lay there and pout!

You do look adorable tho.....

Lily Belle

Marley said...

Man, you are rockin' those socks!

Anne said...

We adopted a 5 yr old black lab that had never walked on cement or asphalt. The first week we had him his paws cracked and bled. We bought him some pad salve from the vet and put socks on him at night too. He didn't even attempt to walk. He just laid there and pouted :)