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Saturday, December 22, 2012

give us a kiss?

dear blog-buddies,

meet me under the mistletoe!  don't worry, i ate a greenie and mom brushed my tooofers just for the occasion...and my vet reassured me that i don't have cooties!



Lovable Lily said...

I hope the line to sneak a kiss isn't too long when we get there!

Lily Belle & Muffin

docsdox said...

dont worry, miss lily. we'd gladly let you and muffin cut to the front regardless!

Reuben said...

If I was the kind of dude who likes to give kisses to other dudes.... I would totally slurp you, dude. You is very handsome! I mean that in the manliest sort of way.

merry festivitals!


docsdox said...

REUBEN: BOL! a firm paw-shake or a cordial "hey-howyadoin' buttsniff would do just fine then. it's how us manly dogs do it, right? =)