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Sunday, August 25, 2013

back to work!

Now that Ramsay's foot has healed to just about normal, he has been allowed to resume his "littlest lifeguarding" duties  - gotta enjoy the pool before his Pappy closes it for the season.  It must be his instinct to protect, as dogbert is always on high alert when anyone so much as dips an appendage in the water.  We have found that he is especially protective of the children - good news for us, bad news for his pads, which he tends to wear raw from running laps around the pool on the concrete.  Here's hoping he doesn't overdo it - he's been through enough with his feet this year!
trying to get his hooman cousin to fetch a ring at the bottom of the pool

guarding hooman cousin Eli


Lovable Lily said...

We're so glad that your paws are doing better Ramsay. You better take it easy around that pool. You're the best lookin' lifeguard we've seen in a very long time!

Lily Belle & Muffin

Kerri said...

I wonder if putting Band-Aids on Ramsay's paws would help protect them while he was on lifeguarding duty? We had a dachshund years ago who had a ruptured disk and was paralyzed for a while. Once he built up the strength in his front legs, he could pull himself around to do his business in the yard. We tried to hold up his back legs to help him get there, but he was too fast and we were too tall. He was rubbing all the fur and skin off the top of his back paws (because that was what was dragging on the blacktop driveway), so we wrapped Band-Aids around them. Worked like a charm.

Anne said...

He should eventually grow calluses on them. We adopted a black lab at age 4. He had never been on concrete or blacktop. We walked him on our sidewalk and his pads cracked and we put salve on them and wrapped them in gauze twice a day. They healed just fine and he grew calluses and his pads never cracked again.

docsdox said...

over the past two summers, dogbert's pads have toughened up, and he doesn't bleed nearly as much as he used to. but there are times when he is in and out of the pool so much that is pads get soft enough for the concrete to make them spot little bits of blood. nothing a little vaseline and gauze wrap overnight can't handle!