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Sunday, August 4, 2013

winner dog

After taking a break from racing last year, NewMama and I were concerned that dogbert may have lost his edge as we entered this year's WV Hot Dog Festival in Huntington, WV.  Could Ramsay perform at least as well as he did in 2011, when he placed 3rd out of 60 in the wiener dog race?  Thankfully we were pleasantly surprised:  Ramsay once again blew by everyone in his qualifying heat!  In a hotly-contested and close final heat, Ramsay was only narrowly edged-out and ended up with a more-than-respectable overall 2nd place finish out of about 65 doxies!  Our sure-fire, two-part lure waiting for him at the finish line:  NewMama and grilled chicken.  He never ran so fast!

We also tried something new this year:  the costume contest!  We have been itching to show off the awesome Sherlock Holmes hat that our buddy Baxter's Mom made for us (thanks, Baxter's Mom!), and this was the perfect way to do it!  Our littlest detective placed 3rd in the costume contest at the Hot Dog Festival.  Although we wished for a higher place, we couldn't argue with the creativity of the winning costume, which was Duck Dynasty-themed.  Not bad for our first costume contest.

SherDOX Holmes fared better at the Furry Friends Fashion Show yesterday in Morgantown, WV:  1st place award, $100 gift certificate, AND assorted doggie goodies!

Only one more competition is on our radar this year:  Dachtoberfest in Frederick, MD in October.  Hopefully we'll make it!


Lovable Lily said...

Goodness! How did we ever miss your post?

Can we say we totally think you got robbed of a first place title?

We're glad that you had a good time!

Lily Belle & Muffin

docsdox said...

BOL! thanks! i think i was robbed too! BUT - i'm happy that i got second after not racing at all last year. hopefully i'll get 1st place next time. plus, i might get to run in october too! i'm just happy to get the shiny trophies and the goodies that come with them!

PLUS, i got to meet alot of other cool dogs. didja see that duck dynasty fella?! =)

- ramsay