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Sunday, August 22, 2010

busy weekend...

New Mama here again. I know, I am the worst blogger. I'm just not used to writing for the world to see.

This weekend we were so busy. I cannot believe how much work goes into preparing a house for a new puppy. On Saturday, we went to Petco. Ramsay now has a designated play area, a travel carrier with soft liner, a bowl and placemat. He also has all the things needed for house-breaking a dog (according to docsdox) - wee wee pads and carpet stink remover. We also got him some fun stuff, including some Pet Head dog shampoo. Made by the people who make Bed Head. Love it. Our dog will definitely be fabulous!!!!

I was really amazed by the never-ending selection of dog products at Petco. That is really bad for a shopper like me. Ramsay already has so much stuff. He only has three toys, though. Must. be. fixed.

According to my dad, who is cynical at best about our impending arrival, he and my mom spent less money getting their house ready for MY arrival. I think he is secretly excited about the prospects of getting a dog-grandchild. He had a dog growing up - Max, Dog Wonder. My mom seems pretty excited.

Hopefully, our Ramsay will be born this week. After reading about what is going on with Joey (from The Long and Short of it All) and his recent surgical complications, it makes me want to snuggle up with our puppy. If you haven't checked out Joey's blog, you should. It will make you give your dog (the one you own already or - like us - theoretical dogs) a big hug.

Now that Ramsay's arrival is getting closer and closer, my fear is turning to excitement. I think I'm ready to be a puppy owner. I just hope he is ready to become a part of our crazy family :)

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