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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock...

Our litter of interest was originally slated to deliver in late July.  We like the sire of this litter, and had put in our request for one of his pups a few months ago.  Recent updates to the breeder’s webpage state that the dam of the litter underwent a “split heat cycle” which, as far as I understand it, amounts to a false pregnancy.  The heat cycle stops short - implying that the female is pregnant, but then it resumes.  In the case of “our” female the heat cycle has stopped AGAIN, and the breeder believes that THIS TIME it appears she truly IS pregnant.  The due date has been bumped to late August.  We’ll see...
In other news, two more litters are expected this month - both within three days of “our” due date.  One of these was sired by the father or “our” litter!  Play-on, playah!  =)  There is also a fourth litter expected earlier this month, but it’s mainly for wire- and long-haired pups - not our first choice in coat (ie: smooth).
Despite our initial disappointment with the split heat fiasco, we are now very much encouraged.  Reason: we had been ranked second for a smooth red or cream-colored male for the original litter, and were worried that we might not end up with a pup.  Now it seems the odds are stacking in our favor.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed for healthy outcomes and many pups to choose from!

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