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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The waiting game...

So, New Mama here again.

We are still in the waiting game for the newest member of our family. I am beginning to act like an impatient first time parent.....constantly checking the breeder's website for updates, contacting the breeder, making sure everything is "just right" with Ramsay's area in the game room. I am getting anxious.

We did find a dog that we like from an earlier litter. If the person on the waitlist declines, we may have our Ramsay! The litter we've been waiting on, however, is still in it's mama's belly. She was due on 8/23/2010. So, she is officially five days overdue.

I guess this means I am officially excited about our dog. The nervousness is starting to disappear. I can't wait to go on walks with our pooch, to take him on trips, and to have my first dog :) It's hard to believe this journey of waiting, nerves, and excitement could be over in a few weeks! We hope to have our dog-child by November :)

Until next time, faithful readers.....

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