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Monday, October 18, 2010

dapple make my brown eye blue

Here's Ramsay with sister, Jazzie,  At six weeks of age, Ramsay tips the scale at 3 pounds even.  Final vet check and deworming are scheduled for this week, then we're in the home stretch for pickup day on the 30th.  True to his dapple roots, our little brat[wurst] has a blue eye in addition to the spots on his back.  Apparently, the spots often disappear in red-coated doxies, so Ramsay's bionic eye will be the only telltale sign that he is a dapple.  At any rate, the phenomenon reminded me of a Crystal Gayle song from my childhood. 
Ramsay giving the stink-eye

Photos courtesy of Le Caring's AKC Dachshunds.

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