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Monday, October 18, 2010

I think it's fate.....

So, as you've already seen, Ramsay has a blue eye. And a brown/green one. This doesn't seem to be too typical for doxies, unless you're of the dapple persuasion. At least that is what docsdox tells me.

Anyway. Here is the conversation between docsdox and I about the bionic eye.

docsdox: "So, Le Caring's posted new pictures of Ramsay-Dog".

NewMama: "Awesome! Did he look cute?"

docsdox: "Well..."

NewMama: "What? Is he not cute anymore?"

docsdox: "Well, he has two different-colored eyes. One is blue and one is brown. I don't know how I feel about it. It's okay, I guess"

NewMama: "Oh my gosh! Do you realize what this means? IT'S FATE! Ramsay is definitely our dog!!!"

docsdox: "Why?"

NewMama: "It has to be fate. Jane Seymour has two different colored eyes!!!"

docsdox: ::groan:: and rolls over.....

See, anyone who knows me - particularly docsdox - knows about my obsession with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. This gem of a TV show was on during my childhood. It starred Jane Seymour as a female doctor on the 1800s Colorado frontier. This show had a lot of influence on me becoming a doctor. I still watch it nearly every day on TV. I also own all six seasons and two movies on DVD. And you think I'm a dork now. It's's true.

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eye twins?
So, even though our new little guy has a blue eye that kinda freaked me out at first, he has to be our dog.


It's fate :)

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