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Sunday, December 19, 2010

doxiphernalia: holiday doxies!

Ramsay goes rummaging under the tree...


Anne Marie said...

you know...that whole strip put onto a 5x7 card would be a great Christmas card! hmm...maybe for next year perhaps? Merry Christmas Ramsay!

cheyne923 said...

I really like your story board posts...and Ramsay is a great leading actor. And great collection of doxie/doggie related ornaments!
Merry Christmas to your family--I hope you all stay warm and safe (especially if it snows in your part of the world--we're expecting lots of snow in Chicago)
Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

@ anne: that's a great idea! i didn't even think of that! my only concern would be the legibility of the print considering the smallish size. i'll have to give it a test run though...
we finally were able to take our 'family' pic last night and will be picking up the cards tonight. i heard tomorrow is the last day to get mail out for Christmas delivery. keep your fingers crossed!

@ melinda & jeeves: THANKS for the compliment! a recurring comic/storyboard was the best way i thought we could share several pix AND tell about some of Ramsay's hijinks without bombarding our blog!
over the past week we've had 5" total accumulation of snow and it's been bitterly cold. i've had to quintuple-layer Ramsay to keep him warm for walks!
you guys stay warm, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!