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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NewMama-cita, donde esta Santa Claus?

Ramsay at 14wks with Santa
RIGHT HERE, THAT'S WHERE!  mom took me to the pet store last weekend to have my first picture taken with santa claus. it was a surprise so i didn't get to bring my wishlist, but i DID remember to mention that i wanted a new chicken - dad took original chicken away because he fell victim to the  'foam goblin'.  seems it was in retaliation for when chicken attacked me.  anyway, dad said chicken's wounds weren't bad,  but too much of the stuffing was coming out and that it could hurt me.  it was sad to see him go to the 'island of destuffed toys'.  oh, and i also asked santa for a metric ton of assorted biscuits and KONG treats!  this must be alot, as i hear mom and dad say it when i go potty on the pads.  enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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