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Sunday, December 5, 2010

vet check 3.0

Ramsay's third vet check was this past week!  Weight was 5.4lbs at 13wks old.  He did well with shots and upon arriving home, was able the brave the cold for a walkie, eat, and play before he started slowing down.  Needless to say, after the shots finally DID hit him, the little snausage was "all in" for the night!
Ramsay's best impression of a show dog.

'hey dad, check it out - my color blends right into the floor!'

'i betcha if i stand perfectly still, you won't even know
i'm here - especially under this chair!'

'hey doc?  ya got any doggie treats on ya?  i'll do tricks
for some!'


Anne Marie said...

He really is a good looking dog!! these are the first whole body shots posted right?? I like is coloring....and I can just picture him padding around on those little legs! He suits you and K well - oooooo, get a Xmas card pic of you all this year!! That would be so cool!

docsdox said...

we were wondering about his color (and the eye) when he was born, but he seems to be growing into it pretty well. his dark (ie: dapple) spots are getting bigger and he looks more chocolate than red. the legs are hilarious - and the ears when he runs! nothing like the ears flopping around.

we're working on the card. got the tree up already. just trying to find the time to take the pic for our card. keep an eye on the mail!! =)

kalyxcorn said...

oh he is cute as a button!

docsdox said...


Baxter is his idol! =)