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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

rest in pieces

Ramsay continues his teething phase.  Dogbert's been good about chewing only what he's supposed to - most of the time!  He HAS taken to gnawing on his leash when we have him tethered, but responds well to our verbal admonishments.  Of course, an occasional hit o' bitter apple helps to drive the point home when he continues to chew on inappropriate things.  His poor toys are starting to wear down, but we've got his toy drawer well-stocked and are always on the lookout for replacements.  We're also discovering the magic that is....anything made by Kong.  It's like crack to the little brat[wurst]!  Despite all of the chewing, he still has all of his baby teeth.  I can't wait 'till I start finding the occasional one on the floor!

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