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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

like my tux?

happy new year, everyone!!!

Here's Ramsay at 17wks+, weighing 6.6lbs, dressed in his holiday best to ring in the new year! 

Complete immersion in family life with a multitude of human relatives (and one canine friend - post coming soon!) over the Christmas holiday has helped dogbert with socialization.  He has come out of the experience even more settled in his demeanor, and is more receptive to regular use of his crate for sleep and general relaxation.  

He surprised us with how well potty-trained he is becoming - hovering around the door or "telling" us that he has to go so that we can take him outside in lieu of using the potty patch or weewee pad.  Perhaps we're just getting better at reading his 'signals'.  We've heard of some people keeping a bell by the door for their dog to ring when they want to go outside.  We'll likely give that a try to further help him communicate with us.  As ecstatic as I am about his potty skills I remain guarded, as I know what the 6-month point will bring - the dreaded 'marking' phase!  Hopefully we won't have to deal with this for too long after Ramsay is neutered!  I remember OzzY (my first doxie) stopped almost immediately after the procedure.

The human side of the Christmas coin:  Ramsay has effectively trained his extended human family in 'lap-dogging' and 'couch-potato-ing'.  It's now almost reflex for family to pick him up (when he's calm) and plant him in their laps or next to them on a couch where he can nuzzle his muzzle into a convenient nook and snooze.  In addition, NewMama seems to be adjusting well to dog-ownership - after the initial maelstrom of the first few weeks (pee/poop accidents, whining, etc.).  She still threatens Ramsay with sending him back to the breeder, but only in jest, and only when he does something horrible - which is pretty rare.  At least we THINK she's only kidding.  ;)


kalyxcorn said...

oh ramsay u r so VERY dapper! LOVE your comic book features and so good to hear u are such a good family member! :)

docsdox said...

baxter is a hug role model for me. i'd love to be even half as good and smart a dog as he seems to be!

thanks on the props for the comics. i figured it'd make our little blog unique. i think i WILL follow your lead and start watermarking the pix/comics.