The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This past weekend we experienced something of a heatwave.  Temperatures rose into the high 40s and may even have hit the low 50s at some point - downright sweltering compared to the frigid 20s and colder that we had been experiencing in the final weeks of 2010.  The balmier weather melted the remaining snow, and gave Ramsay a chance to become re-acquainted with the grass in our yard - without having to wear five layers of clothes!  It also meant that he got to experience one of the true pleasures of doxie living - basking in direct sunlight!  As Ramsay explored the living room, he would often stop at a sunlit area of carpet and sniff it (as if it were some new toy that NewMama and I set down) before sitting and sunbathing for a short time.   Unfortunately, the one area with the largest patches of the most direct rays of light was behind the front door at the bottom of a landing - off limits to dogbert as we prefer that he not play on the stairs.  We assured Ramsay that more of these days were forthcoming.  Spring can't come soon enough!
Unable to access the landing, Ramsay laments his predicament.

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