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Sunday, January 16, 2011

not so ucky...

Ah, that time of the month again:  heartworm pill time!  Until now I had done things the hard way and force-fed Ramsay his heartworm pill - always praying that I jammed it into his esophagus and not, by some freak accident, his trachea.  That of course would put him at risk of aspirating the pill and developing pneumonia.  YIKES!  In the past I had tried burying the pill in a gob of peanut butter, but he would always find a way to eat around the pill or spit it out.  Not tonight, however.  Tonight I got an extra large gob - dare I say - a DOLLOP of peanut butter, and nestled within it the pill and several bits of kibble.  The result:  SUCCESS!
ya know, this heartworm pill stuff isn't so bad after all!
i'll take it on a biscuit next time, dad!

Dogbert could hardly contain himself as he lapped up every bit of the peanutty treat - pill and all.  NewMama and I have never seen his eyes so widely open and his gaze so intent and focused!  Now if only there were a similar way to give him his flea and tick medication...


Kerri said...

My Minnie hated every pill she had to take -- except her heartworm. It changed shapes/forms over the years, but it was the one I never had any trouble with. As for other pills, my little girl was very food focused and what I found worked for me was TWO fingers with peanut butter. The first had the pill in it and the second was held just in front of her so that she'd be too busy focusing on PB #2 to lick through PB #1 and spit out the pill. Worked like a charm every time and it didn't take a lot of peanut butter (esp as we have to watch our doxies' weight for back issues).

docsdox said...

thanks for the feedback Kerri!
at the moment, it isn't such a big deal for us to feed Ramsay a decent amount of peanut butter, as he's only 5mos old, and is actually on the lean side. BUT, i think the 2-finger technique will be very useful as he gets older and we have to start watching his weight. awesome trick!

cheyne923 said...

Wonderful! It's great to see little Ramsay in action. The best pill popping material in our house is cheese. I think it's cause Jeeves will chew on the treat and swallow quickly rather than do a slow lick for peanut butter. W/pb he would do a great job of cleaning everything around the pill.

Now we're using revolution so it's both heart and skin in a squirting format. That sounds very strange, good we all know what we're talking about here!

Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

if i remember right, the vet did talk to us about revolution at some point. but for reasons i can't quite recall we found interceptor to be more our preference. cheese is a good idea! i think we may have to try rolling up a pill in some cheese next month to give it a shot. at the very least, it'll make for some more funny/cute video! thanks for the suggestion!