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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ramsay, its cold outside!

The blasts of arctic air we've been getting in our little corner of the world have not been kind, with average daily temperatures in the teens/twenties, and highs only slightly above freezing.  Not to mention the ever-present threat of snow!  In an effort to keep Ramsay warm during our early morning walks/potty sessions, and wring every last bit of use from his rapidly-shrinking wardrobe (he's growing THAT fast!), I've been layering clothes on him.  At present the layers consist of three sweaters, a tee-shirt, and a fleece jacket - all of which seem to effectively keep dogbert's core warm and his chest (inching ever-closer to the ground as he grows) dry.  Of course the process of fitting said layers on Ramsay is comical, but he's been very patient with me.  Perhaps he notices a difference.  Perhaps he just enjoys watching me fumble around to get his little legs through the sleeves.
dad - seriously? i look like a hobo!
but i am curiously warm...
During one particular layering episode last weekend, I looked at Ramsay and for some reason was reminded of Marty Feldman's "Igor" from "Young Frankenstein".  Perhaps the cold has gone to MY head!  


Anne Marie said...


It's Frankensteeeeen!

Awww...dogbert is so cute in his hobo wear!

docsdox said...

sedaGIVE?!!!! =)

i knew i could count on you for a quote!

ramsay is the poster dog for Mugatu's "derelicte" line of pet clothes! ("Zoolander", in case you didn't see it.)

Anne Marie said...

He's got the "blue steel" look going on for sure! LoL

cheyne923 said...

'hump? what hump?'
Melinda and Jeeves

(hope I remembered the right film:-)

docsdox said...

LOL, YES! Touche, Melinda & Jeeves! =)
One of my all-time favorite comedies.