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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


dear diary,

superbowl was a bit of a disappointment.  it's definitely NOT like Christmas.  i was extra bad, and had a great number ('00') but still didn't get the super-bowl of kibble and biscuits that i wished for!  instead we all got a huge block of cheese!  i think the english bulldog across the street is to blame - he looks like he eats alot of cheese!  don't get me wrong - i hear it's great, but i had my heart set on kibble and biscuits.  i'll try harder next year...

anyway, i had to take a bath to get the smell of stinky cheese off me!  the water took me by surprise at first...
call de poliiiiiice!
but eventually i got used to it and started having some fun.  i love the water - it tastes good with that foamy stuff mom puts in it!  i tried to bite it, but that didn't work so i had to settle for  lapping it up.

well, that's it for now.  next superbowl i'll remember to be extra-naughty!

- ramsay


cheyne923 said...

Oh Ramsay you look so bewildered! But then I watched the video and could see what fun you did have in the tub. Jeeves favorite part is getting the soap rubbed in like a massage.
Again, Ramsay gives that look up at the camera like, "whatta you lookin' at? Do something!"
Still lovin' watchin' the pup grow....Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

ramsay enjoys the soap as well, but i think not as much as the rinse. actually his absolute favorite part is when we first turn on the water - he likes to put his head under the tap and 'eat' the stream of water as it comes down. you can see hints of this at the end of the vid, when NewMama pours water on his back.

he's growing SOOOOO fast! we were looking at pictures just from Christmas (!) and noticed how different he looks!

as always, thanks for tuning in and joining us on our little journey through puppyhood!