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Sunday, February 13, 2011

beware of cupid!

Valentine's Day according to Ramsay:
Update:  at 23wks5d, dogbert has broken the 8lb mark and weighs 8.2lbs!  Maybe Ramsay's interpretation isn't too far off, as we are nearing a different kind of 'V-day':  'vasectomy/neutering day'!  


cheyne923 said...

Hey check out Jeeves and me (with a shout out to Ramsay) on Coffee with a canine!

Happy Valentine's Day and kudos to RAMSAY in anticipation of his rite of passage:-)
Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

WOW! thanks for the shout-out! it's an honor to be mentioned! those pix are the first time we really got so see Jeeves - his color is SO rich - we love it! thanks for the well-wishes on Ramsay's upcoming 'adjustment'.

Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


Agnes B Bullock said...

Too cute! Love the card.