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Monday, February 28, 2011

the pen - redux...

Several times in the past two weeks, NewMama and I came home to find that Ramsay had turned the foam tile flooring of his pen into his new favorite toy.  We couldn't bitter-apple him because he never played with the flooring while we were around.  Replacement of the tiles didn't do much good, as we would return from work to find new chunks of foam strewn about the pen and a dog in denial:  "I swear to dog, I didn't do it!  It was that English bulldog down the street.  He did it after he pooped in our yard and his human didn't clean it up!"  

NewMama's solution was to try a sheet of linoleum which, to our surprise, came in 6x9ft bundles!  A little trimming here and there and Ramsay's 6x6 bachelor pad was new again!  As a finishing touch, we added a small area rug that we weren't using for anything in particular - as Ramsay loves the feel of carpet.
Ramsay tests it out with carpet - two paws up!
The renovations to the pen are surely welcome, but Ramsay's ultimate favorite place in the house (when we're home) is still NewMama's kitchen rug in front of the sink - where he monitors us to make sure we're preparing our meals to his satisfaction!  Our little chef IS named after Gordon Ramsay after all!
hey-hey-hey-hey!  easy on the non-stick pans there, people!


Agnes B Bullock said...

Our mom needs to do this for us- when she leaves she crates us!

docsdox said...

ah the good ole crate! i like the crate, but only for bedtime so i stay of trouble while mom and dad are sleeping. plus - ultra-comfy!

i used to have my crate in the pen, but then i figured out i could jump ONTO the crate and hop OVER the pen. i like having a soft bed in the pen, but then i end up playing with it too much and getting it in the potty patch, so the carpet works best - until i figure out how to play with THAT!


i hope ur mom tries the linoleum out! i LOVE IT!


Anne Marie said...

very nice pad!! Smart thinkin' there NewMama!

cheyne923 said...

Could you come over and make my house look this nice? Oh, and a space for Jeeves, too?
Seriously, this is one rockin' bachelor pad. And I love that Ramsay figured out the jump on the crate and over the fence maneuver! Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

M&J: LOL! thanks for the kudos on the Ramsay-cave! not only did he figure out the floor-crate-pen jump sequence, he also figured out how to hop onto NewMama's rocker/recliner, which is fairly tall! sometimes you can just see the little wheels turning in his head...