The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ramsay tolerated his surgery well.  He was very happy to see us when we picked him up last night, and told us all about it the entire ride home from the vet!  He ate a few biscuits and a couple of ice cubes (he didn't want to drink much).  By late last night he was already licking his incision site and was back to jumping on/off the couch, despite our best efforts to limit him.  He must have been feeling better!  Today we give him his pain meds and hope that he sleeps for most of the day while we're at work.
check out dogbert's 'armband', where the vet shaved his left
forearm for IV insertion.


cheyne923 said...

Oh I so love sleepy dachsies all curled up with their faces/noses nestled into something soft and fuzzy. Ramsay is so lucky to have mds in the house (some info must apply to dogs!) Jeeves bounced back quite quickly, didn't really go after his stitches so the cone of shame wasn't used much.
Keep us posted on the babe.

docsdox said...

i think we could be two vets and it wouldn't make a difference! often, we're paranoid/overly-concerned doxie parents first - not necessarily by choice - which throws ANY knowledge of canine bio out the window!! =)

looks like Ramsay got dermabond (pretty much equivalent to crazy glue) instead of stitches. hopefully he doesn't lick it all off! thankfully no cone of shame for Ramsay either! judging from last night and this morning, he's pretty close to baseline already.

here's hoping the marking behavior is gone...

kalyxcorn said...

shaved paw is always so cute!!