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Monday, April 11, 2011

coming full-circle

NewMama, Ramsay, and I spent the past few days visiting my family a couple of states away.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, and every day was filled with things to do - especially for dogbert, whose self-apppointed job was to make doxie/Ramsay fans of my family (who met him for the first time) and conduct daily inspections of every nook and cranny of the 'house that built me' and its corresponding backyard.  He thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of being off-leash in an enclosed yard, and (to our pleasant surprise) we discovered that he could be trusted to stay within a reasonable distance of us without running away.  We were impressed that although he ran around the yard with reckless abandon, he was still responsive to commands to stay away from certain areas - namely the gates whose bottoms he could easily squeeze under for a quick escape!

Part of our trip involved getting food from the pizzeria where (nearly ten years ago) I had met the man responsible for helping me get my first doxie.  As I waited at the counter for my order,  I  looked through the window to see NewMama and Ramsay emerge from our vehicle.  We had been out for a while, and the little snausage needed a potty break.  He dutifully 'christened' one of the grassy islands surrounding the parking lot.  I had to smile as I realized that my journey with doxies had come full-circle.

Upon returning home from the 8-hour drive (which dogbert tolerated quite well in his crate), NewMama and I proceeded to take on that hardest and most-dreaded part of nearly ANY vacation:  UNpacking!  After supervising our efforts for some time, Ramsay disappeared.  Here's how we found him...
Ramsay:  OUT!


kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, long trips can do that! :)

cheyne923 said...

I just love that deep, deep that it's warmer, Jeeves gets a lot more exercise and has more of those deep dozes. M&J

docsdox said...

we thought that, after sleeping so much on the car ride, it would be the LAST thing he'd want to do when we got home. but - oh, well! =)

it's amazing how "out" ramsay is when he gets into these deep sleeps. we can pick him up and he'd just open his eyes briefly, close them, then go completely limp as he drifts back into la-la land. very funny!