The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ramsay has developed an affinity for all things stinky.  Be it the mulch and rabbit pellets in our yard, our newly-removed shoes, or our dirty laundry - if it makes human noses crinkle, dogbert has his nose in it.  This of course makes changing out of work clothes and doing laundry nasal nirvana for little stankford.  NewMama and I wonder if we may someday find a large pile of unwashed, drool-soaked, foul-smelling socks to match the orphaned ones we notice with nearly each load of laundry!
i could SO use this for the sock fort i'm building...


cheyne923 said...

Ah, he is maturing into his true doxie self! Jeeves has rolled in just about everything in the park (when I don't catch him in time). My friend's jumping dachsie likes to find dead fish on hikes--roll in it then bring the treat to mama.
There is now a dog on my floor with one blue and one brown eye! A multi mix of some sort that came from Kentucky to Chicago for her forever home.
Melinda and Jeeves

docsdox said...

yes, ramsay has started rolling around in just about anything he can think of. he'll stop mid-fetch to roll around on the carpet!

another dog with a freak-eye! cool! i wonder if he IS a mix or just a dapple like ramsay?