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Monday, April 25, 2011

the easter bunny cometh

dear diary,

well, the easter bunny came and what a surprise!  he brought me more toys than santa! dad says the easter bunny must have some type of shopping problem, but mom says i deserve it for being a good boy and NOT eating dad's fish last friday!  i think my arch-nemesis, gus the english bulldog must have tricked the easter bunny to tell me to do it so i would get in trouble!  good thing i followed hedgehog's advice.  i must remember to be extra-barky at gus the next time he tries to poop in my yard!  meantime, i've got some toys and treats to entertain me!

WOW!  lookie at all my stuff!
i LOOOVE KONG Ziggies! 


cheyne923 said...

Wow, that's some Easter bunny! I do love seeing doggies with their loot. Do you ever work with kids at the hospital? I bet all the patients would like to see your dogbert. I always liked it when docs were 'human' :-)
melinda and jeeves

docsdox said...

Thanks Melinda & Jeeves!

Unfortunately I don't see very many kids, but i DO see a fair number of older people. It's amazing how patients light up when there's a dog around. Indeed, Ramsay never fails to put a smile on NewMama's and my face every day!

I'd love to bring Ramsay to the office to be our mascot, but I don't really run the office - I just work there. Plus, as mischievous as dogbert can be, he might more of a distraction than a help. Better to leave him at home then, and give me something (in addition to NewMama of course!) to look forward to when I come home from work!

We DO bring Ramsay everywhere we go, on our mission to turn people into doxie fans. So far, so good!

Kerri said...

Oh, Ramsay, I'm so disappointed to find out you're a Mountaineer.

/Thundering Herd fan

docsdox said...


let's agree to disagree on that one then!