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Thursday, April 28, 2011

raiders of the lost...ball

dear diary,

i have found the holy grail of doxie-dom:  "the ball of the covenant"!  it took a little digging, but i managed to free it from the tomb, outrun large rolling boulders, and secure it in my pen!  i expect the historical society will be calling me for an interview soon...

Leave it to dogbert to find ways to entertain himself.  To indulge his urge to dig, Ramsay will often stop in the middle of a game of fetch and roll the tennis ball under the nearest sofa.  The goal:  to dig at the carpet in an attempt to extract said tennis ball.  Cute as all getout for sure, until his claws start to hit the bottom of the leather sofa, which usually puts a prompt end to his archeological expedition.
Ramsay pushing the ball under with his nose and paw.
Perhaps a round of Earthdog is in order for little 'Indi-Ramsay Jones'?


cheyne923 said...

Just shared this post on Facebook--love that first picture and commentary! Melinda n Jeeves

docsdox said...

glad you enjoyed the post! thanks for sharing on facebook. maybe we'll get more followers!