The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the littlest ranger, part deux

Weekends off are always fun, as we get to take Ramsay on extended morning walkies - usually someplace other than the ole neighborhood.  This past weekend, we happened upon a 9-11 Tree Memorial in an area of the local rail trail that we had not yet explored.
Of course, no walk is complete unless dogbert gets excited about something, and that day it was birds of any sort.  Be they finches in the grass or the trees, ducks crossing the road, or geese wading into the river - if Ramsay saw them, they had his complete attention until we walked far enough away.  Happily he didn't bark or lunge at them - just watched intently (tail wagging) for a hot minute before resuming his walk. Once again, big change from Mr. Barky von Dachshund of only a month ago.  Our little snausage IS growing up! 


kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, that's a good boy! :) b

docsdox said...

thanx! this good-behavior thing seems to be working out. they give me treats! i still growl and bark when someone weird is close to the house, but mom and dad don't seem to mind. i guess it's ok to do that.


cheyne923 said...

Goose poop is the Reeses pieces of park walks for Jeeves (think E.T.) He wants to eat them all uggh Sounds like Ramsay is developing a canine good citizen and therapy dog status! m and j

docsdox said...

M&J: first off, good to read (via FB) that Jeeves continues to improve, and that the decisions you have to make for him are becoming less and less 'serious'. secondly - you are sooo right about goose poop. Ramsay's nose did not leave the ground when we got to that area of the trail where there had been alot of geese. before i knew it, Ramsay had quickly snatched up a turd and gulped it. not a happy thing for me to have to clean smelly green teeth! of course, dogbert had his doxie smile on the whole time!