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Sunday, June 12, 2011

slumber dog millionaire

There is one inevitability when Ramsay is properly and thoroughly exercised:  that he'll sleep like a rock for hours on end.  This is no cat-nap, mind you, but a comatose state so deep that we have to check on dogbert periodically to make sure he's still breathing!  

NewMama often performs the "Drop Test" to see just how deeply stankford is sleeping.  She'll lay him on his side and raise a front paw in the air, then let it drop.  If Ramsay is the least bit awake, he'll draw his paw in before it hits the cushion.  When he's out, the paw drops to the cushion with a cute little "thud", and he shows no reaction at all.  Three drops counts as "positive Ramsay coma".

In the event of a "positive drop test", NewMama lifts Ramsay up off the cushion to see if he'll awaken.  When he's completely spent (especially after daycare) he'll open his eyes to look around, close them, then become completely flaccid and "melt" back onto the cushion.

Here's Ramsay after a long walk by the lake followed by a day in the yard, with lion performing sentry duty over his slumber.  Times like this, NewMama and I dare not disturb him - it's too cute of a picture to disrupt!  
LION: i could sooo get you back for de-squeaking me right now...


Hannalei said...

Your sweet face makes my heart go MOOSH. Hope you had a happy nappi!

docsdox said...

thanks miss hannalei! i had a great nap! but for some reason i woke up with a mustache drawn on my face with a sharpie. mr. lion swears he doesn't know what happened, but i'm a little skeptical. i'll have to ask dragon (my favorite stuffed toy) to help me keep an eye on him.

cheyne923 said...

Awww, such a contented, sleeping boy. I also love the new top-shot! Baxter looks like he's getting ready to go play in little league. Was he a puppy just last year???? Melinda and Jeeves

kalyxcorn said...

awww, me wish i could have gone walkies today! it rained when we were ready to go. sweet dreams ramsay!! :)

docsdox said...

sorry about the rain baxter! that just means more wii time w/dukduk tho, right? coooool!

MELINDA&JEEVES: thanks for the compliments. yup, Ramsay is 10mos old and fast-approaching the 1r mark! he already weighs about 11lbs - we were hoping for 10-12 range and it looks like Ramsay's delivering! i think he still has a little more growing to do, as his chest isn't too close to the floor yet. but he IS LOOOOOONG! we can't wait til he gets full-grown so we can order him sum nice duds from baxter's mom! PS: glad to hear (via facebook) that Jeeves is starting to turn the corner!