The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

#winning...well, almost!

The Riverfront Dog Challenge.  Saturday June 4, 2011 at The Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheatre, Morgantown, WV.  Ramsay makes his racing debut!

Here's the video from YouTube user "lssport04" - friend of one of our competitors, a beautiful red mini who raced next to us.

We are very proud of Ramsay for placing second in his very first race!  From what we heard, the winner of the race, Mocha, competes on a regular basis.  How impressed were NewMama and I that dogbert kept up with a veteran?  After watching the video, I see that I made the rookie mistake of starting Ramsay too far behind the line, instead of right on it.  I was more concerned about keeping him focused on NewMama on the other side of the track - didn't want Ramsay running all over the place, as some of our co-competitors did.  Stankford made up the distance quickly though!  We may just have found Ramsay's little niche in doxie society!  The next race that we're aware of will be at a nearby theme park later this month.  Hopefully we'll catch the registration deadline.

From a non-racing standpoint, we were impressed at how well-behaved our little snausage was.  We've been training him how to meet other dogs without becoming overly excited, and it seems to be working!  He sniffed others appropriately, and allowed himself to be sniffed without melting down.  He's come a long way from being "Mr. Barky von Dachshund"!


kalyxcorn said...

yay! congrats on coming in second!! :)

docsdox said...

THANKS! it was lots of fun to get a prize for doing something that i love - running full speed to catch my mom! =)