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Sunday, June 5, 2011

lending a helping paw...or four!

hang in there Jeeves!
double posties today, but this one's a little more serious.  my buddy Jeeves is hurt and has IVDD.  i just wanted to send a big bark-out and lots of doxie love and prayers for a speedy recovery!  you can do it, Jeeves!  hedgie, all my other stuffed (well, mostly DE-stuffed by now) friends, and i are pulling for ya!

your doxie-brosef,
- ramsay


kalyxcorn said...

i know me so thinking of him!! :) b

cheyne923 said...

We've been so wack-a-doodle over here that I just now saw this post when I checked to see what I missed! Thank you, Ramsay, Docsdox and NewMama for 'listening' to all the posts and caring so much about the coy boy's progress. Melinda and Jeeves