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Sunday, July 17, 2011

cruel and unusual punishment

dear diary,

mom and dad continue their reign of terror when it comes to my tennis ball!  can you believe mom shows it to me in her hands and says "stay", then covers it up when i try to get it?  the french bulldog two houses down says "stay" means to grab the ball, so clearly mom missed that memo.  i don't get it!  i'm gonna have dragon call that dog psychologist - maybe he can help train her.  


ok, so if i jam my nose between her hands fast enough, i might
just get enough of the ball to grab it...hmmm...

PS:  A moment of silence, prayer, and quiet reflection for the repose of the spirit of our doxie buddy Jeeves, who was laid to rest after his battle with IVDD.  Warm and heartfelt condolences to his Mom during this difficult time.

- the docsdox family


Elizabeth said...

Love it, impulse control games are awesome :)

Amy said...

Love your look of contempt at this game Ramsay. :)

Jasper's puppy prayers will be said for Jeeves & his mom tonite.

cheyne923 said...

Oh, thank you so much for the kind words, docsdox family! After Jeeves passed on Thurs, what with my being in the hospital etc, yesterday was my first REAL day without my boy. Let's just say it hurts. I know it will get better but I can't get over how the sleek one who was all over me every day is now gone.

Thank you, Ramsay, for taking time out of your terrible fight against the terror being imposed by the 'hands on the ball.' Jeeves experienced that oppression as well. He was forced to heed the word "wait" until a human said 'take it'. Some nut at the obedience school turned us on to it. He even had to sit in front of his dinner and 'wait'! The horror! The good part was eventually getting what he waited for.
Melinda and, in spirit, Jeeves