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Thursday, July 14, 2011

mission: impossible?

dear diary,

i LOVE my tennis ball!  i can't get enough of it, but for some reason mom and dad seem to take it away just when things are getting fun.  well, i'll fix THAT!  i'm gonna find a way to get it and put it away so dragon and i can play ball anytime we want. i may have to move my biscuits to another place to make room though.....hmmm.....

more later!
if you listen very carefully, you might hear the gears
turning in his head...


Amy said...

Hi Ramsay!!

I know how you feel, my mom takes away my stuffed animal friends because she says I'm "killing them"... I'm just helping them lose some weight by taking out the fluffy stuff!!

Good luck with getting you tennis ball back:)

Jasper (& his mom Amy)

docsdox said...

hey jasper (and AMY!!!),

thanks for visiting my blog!!! i checked yours out too - it's NEAT! i LOVE your background that says 'dachshund'!

well, i think it is our duty to control the stuffed animal population. they are becoming a problem, and when there are too many of them, they end up eating our food and stealing our treats! at least that's what the french bulldog two houses down says...never can completely trust a frenchie though! BOL! besides, my toys are still a whole lotta fun even WITHOUT the stuffing!

i'll keep you posted on my tennis ball!


Amy said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, mom & I are having fun doing it together... she calls it mother/son time:)

I TOTALLY agree w/ you on controling the stuffed animal population, I'm just doing my part!! Plus for me, I like to spread the fuzzies around afterwards as little presents for mom to find:) See, I'm being thoughtful, too!!