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Sunday, July 24, 2011


dear diary,

dragon and i have been working hard to figure out how to free my tennis ball from mom and dad's evil clutches!  tonight i heard dad snoring and mom sleep-talking, so i knew they were alseep.  so dragon and i took this video to see how high i would have to jump to get to my ball.  i almost have my nose up to the top of the table, so i don't think i have much to go.  i tried to keep quiet, but nemo turned on the lights in his fish tank and started playing music, which woke up frenchie, the french bulldog two houses down.  we were afraid frenchie's barking might wake mom and dad up, so we had to cut our video short and put everything back where it belongs.  i think tomorrow night i might be able to jump high enough to knock the ball off the table.  if frenchie would be quiet i just might do it!  

wish me luck,

PS:  i wish i hadn't chewed off dragon's wings, 'cuz maybe then he could fly and knock the ball of the table for me.  he's still a little sore at me for that one.  tee-hee!  =)

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