The stomping ground of Ramsay the Dachshund!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


dear diary,

this past weekend, dragon and i took a break from our quest for the tennis ball to run in a 5k at the park!  it was great to see and meet other dogs - especially my buddy Moki, who is some kind of terrier.  would you believe i was the ONLY doxie?  yeah, people were pretty skeptical about me running, but i showed them!

mom and i left dad behind because: a) he's too fat and slow, and b) he was carrying all of our stuff!    SHHHH!!  don't tell him i said that - i'll be grounded for weeks!  would you believe mom got paged and we had to stop halfway to backtrack and get a phone from dad?  we were doing so well!  no big deal.  at least we got to walk on the trail with our new friends!

maybe all the commotion from the race will be enough to distract mom and dad enough that dragon and i can fool them into giving me back my tennis ball!  we'll see!

- ramsay

As per his usual M.O., Ramsay arrived at the 5k announcing his presence - barking at any and all within earshot.  After about 20min, he calmed down and morphed into the good, calm canine citizen that NewMama and I love.  We met several doxie owners who decided not to bring their dogs for various reasons - the most surprising of which was "my little one doesn't play well with others".  It was a little tough to fathom, considering Ramsay has become quite the doxie ambassador!


Holly Diane said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

docsdox said...

yes, miss holly! we had a great time! even dad - who had to carry all of my stuff - tee-hee! it was nice to hang out with dogs my own size - labs and german shepherds and such... ;)